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 1. How long will it be until my order is shipped out?

1. Most orders placed before 2pm will ship same day. All wholesale orders ship via Priority USPS. 

*Note: in some special cases it may take up to 3 days to ship.


2. Can you add a flavor shot to my juice or make a custom flavor? 

2. Unfortunately, we will no longer be making custom orders of any kind. Due to the increase and high volume of orders, we unfortunately will no longer be able to accommodate those requests. Also, due to the new FDA regulations, it forbids us from being able to alter any of our flavors or recipes.


3. Can you make my juice higher than a 6mg?

3. No, the highest nicotine strength we make is a 6mg.  


4. Can I order 30mls with any of your flavors?

4. The flavors that are listed in the drop down menus are the only flavors available for our 30ml bottles at this time. With the new FDA regulations, it hinders us from being able to make any new flavors or post any products. If this ever changes, we will be sure to let everyone know! 


5. What is the difference between Medium and Large Priority boxes?

5. The only difference with Medium and Large boxes is price and bottle capacity, they will arrive the same time. Medium is $12.05 and 20 bottle capacity. Large is $16.55 and 36 bottle capacity. 


6. I received my order but it's wrong. What do I do?

6. If you received your order and it is wrong or incomplete, please call or email our Distribution team:


7. I never received my order but the tracker states it was delivered. What do I do?

7. If the tracker says that your order was delivered but you did not receive it, you will need to contact your local USPS and see if they can talk to the mail carrier; it may have gotten misplaced or accidentally left on the truck. If they are unsuccessful as resolving this, please to contact us for further action.


8. The tracker is saying that my order was returned to you. What do I do?

8. If your item was returned to us, please contact us with your order number and the correct address it should be sent to and we will get it reshipped. 


9. Can I change my order?

9. We are only able to alter orders if they have not been shipped out yet. If your order is still unfulfilled, send us an email with your number and the flavor(s) you wanted to order and we get it updated for you. 


10. How can I cancel my order? 

10. If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us via email or phone call and we will cancel it for you. 


11. What forms of payment do you accept?

11. We only accept major credit or debit cards. (i.e, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) We are unable to accept PayPal payments or payments from a Prepaid card. 


12. What is your PG/VG ratio?

12. We use a max VG recipe for all of our juices which puts each bottle at around 90%VG and 10%PG. The only PG found is the small amount that is added in with the flavoring and nicotine so it will vary from flavor to flavor.

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